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The cost of living in Andorra

Most countries that have advantageous tax policies tend to be on the expensive side when it comes to housing, utilities, commuting, leisure and entertainment. While Switzerland, Dubai and Monaco are perfect examples of such places, Andorra can be regarded as […]

The beauty of Andorra

Andorra is the perfect place for an activity-filled life in mountains blessed with cool breezes and year-round sunshine. You can explore the beautiful surroundings on foot, cycle into Spain and France or try white water rafting. Andorra is a great […]

A secure country

Surprisingly, the one constant feature that stands out from every survey of Andorra – and almost always near the top of every resident’s list of the advantages of living in the country – has nothing at all to do with […]

Schooling in Andorra – Part 2 of 2

The Andorran system itself has become more and more advanced over the past decade and now hosts the largest number of students in Andorra. The main reason for this is the stringent curriculum which directs students to further their education […]

Schooling in Andorra – Part 1 of 2

The Andorran schooling systems have improved in variety, curriculum and teaching methods greatly over the last decades. The systems act as launching pads to prepare adolescent children to be accepted into Universities in France and Spain, which in both cases […]

Living in the country’s capital: Part 3 of 3

Educational centres: The Parish of Andorra la Vella has three schools which correspond to the three coexisting educational systems: the Andorran system, the French system and the Spanish system. There are also three government-funded private schools (under the Spanish educational […]

Living in the country’s capital: Part 2 of 3

Local and national administration: Andorra la Vella is the nation’s administrative headquarters. Just steps away from one another, you will find the buildings of the Central Government of Andorra, the General Council of Andorra, the main offices of the Judiciary […]

Living in the country’s capital: Part 1 of 3

Postal code: AD500 Coordinates: 42º 30′ 27” North 1º 31′ 01” East Average altitude: 1.013 m Located in a sweeping valley that stands at an average altitude of 1,013 metres, both the natural landscape and the city of Andorra la Vella […]

Living in Andorra – Lifestyles Part 3 of 3

Sport fishing in the high mountains When the temperatures start to come down again, ushering in a more temperate climate (March to November), the sports fishing season gets fully under way in Andorra’s lakes and streams. The country has 15 […]