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Living in Andorra – Lifestyles Part 3 of 3

Sport fishing in the high mountains When the temperatures start to come down again, ushering in a more temperate climate (March to November), the sports fishing season gets fully under way in Andorra’s lakes and streams. The country has 15 […]

New quota of passive residences

Yesterday the government of Andorra approved a new quota of passive residences, this time for 600 units. The main reason behind this decision is that since the last 600 residences quota was approved in February 2016 there has been a […]

432 new passive residence permits in 2016

According to the statistics done by the government of Andorra, in 2016 they gave 432 passive residence, which is more than double than the previous year (213 permits) and triple than in 2014 (143). Passive residence is one of the […]

Living in Andorra – Lifestyles Part 2 of 3

Hiking for all There are many guided walks for hiking throughout the Principality of Andorra, for all levels of experience and abilities. Accompanied by expert guides you can discover lakes, traverse green valleys, admire infinite panoramic views and make the […]

Living in Andorra – Lifestyles Part 1 of 3

Living in Andorra means living in peace and tranquillity, privacy and security. Yet it is also a magnificent destination for the enjoyment of life in contact with nature, where you can enjoy open air activities and a stunning landscape that […]

Quality of life in Andorra – Part 2

Economy Traditionally based on agriculture and livestock, today the country’s dynamic and burgeoning economy is primarily sustained by the tourism industry (more than 9 million people visit Andorra each year), financial activity and the recent establishment of a new economic […]

Quality of life in Andorra – Part 1

With a population that oscillates between 75,000 and 80,000, in Andorra the formula for modern life and quality of life is very simple: the country’s location enables residents to live in full contact with nature; the diet is based on […]

An increase of active residences

Today the Andorran newspapers informed that during the second semester of this year there has been an increase on the number of new residences and work permits given by the government. The amount of authorizations till de 30 of June […]

Why live in Andorra?

It is very difficult to find a place to live just two or three hours from the major European cities and which brings together all the advantages that Andorra has to offer. Those advantages include its location, its easy access […]