The Immigration Law 09/2012 of 31 May, seeks to regulate all aspects arising from the entry, stay and settlement in Andorra of one or several non-Andorrans.

The Law applies to all persons aged 18 and over, notwithstanding the provisions of the international treaties and agreements and the exceptions laid down in article 97 (exempt persons).

Employment in Andorra is governed by a system of immigration permit quotas specified by the competent Ministry, according to the quantitative and qualitative needs of the economy.

Foreign tourists may reside for a maximum of 90 days per calendar year, without the right to work.

Entry to the Principality requires a passport or an internationally-recognized travel document or a valid National Identity Card for EU and EEA nationals.

Foreigners wishing to enter Andorra must not pose a serious risk to public health, state security or public order.

The Government sets out in the regulations the conditions and diseases that represent a risk to public health, adhering to the World Health Organization’s recommendations and guidelines and in accordance with the provisions set out in the health legislation.


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