Living in Andorra – Lifestyles Part 1 of 3

Living in Andorra means living in peace and tranquillity, privacy and security. Yet it is also a magnificent destination for the enjoyment of life in contact with nature, where you can enjoy open air activities and a stunning landscape that is unique in the world.

When the first glimmerings of spring and summer start to appear in Andorra, open air activities provide a magnificent option for fans of active tourism and adventure in the mountains, providing a sense of well being that comes from leaving the hectic life of the city far behind.

In Andorra there is space for a wide range of different lifestyles, particularly those that involve living in contact with the Principality’s splendid natural environment. Because of its location Andorra offers a wide range of activities, both for those seeking a peaceful and quieter pace of life and those with excess adrenalin that they need to burn off.

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