Living in the country’s capital: Part 3 of 3

Educational centres: The Parish of Andorra la Vella has three schools which correspond to the three coexisting educational systems: the Andorran system, the French system and the Spanish system. There are also three government-funded private schools (under the Spanish educational model: the M. Janer, the Sagrada Familia and the Sant Ermengol), one Spanish secondary school (covering both the required secondary education and the university preparation, known as “E.S.O” and “Bachillerato”, respectively), one professional training centre and a conventional, presence-based universitiy. Year after year, the educational services available in Andorra grow and expand.

Shopping: Those who choose to live in Andorra la Vella will find a wide variety of shopping districts, avenues full of stores and major shopping centres. These include the shops of the world’s top luxury designers, technology stores with all the latest innovations, supermarkets with international brands, and exclusive art galleries, always at very competitive prices, as the applicable Value Added Tax (known as the IGI in Andorra) is only 4.5%.

Recreation and entertainment: Culture, shopping, restaurants, mountain hikes, incredible parks, indoor and outdoor sports! When you live in Andorra la Vella, you are sure to enjoy a wide range of activities with the great advantage that they vary with the seasons.

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