Quality of life in Andorra – Part 2



Traditionally based on agriculture and livestock, today the country’s dynamic and burgeoning economy is primarily sustained by the tourism industry (more than 9 million people visit Andorra each year), financial activity and the recent establishment of a new economic model, which has opened the country to companies that see in Andorra very competitive conditions, in terms of both taxation and infrastructure.


Andorra has a well-established business network. With business schedules adapted to the needs of the tourism sector, Andorra is known for its highly competitive pricing strategy and its wide-ranging supply of products and services.


Andorra is connected with both Spain and France by means of highways. Nevertheless, helicopter transport from the closest airports is also possible (Toulouse in France; and Lleida, Girona and Barcelona in Spain). Recently, in 2014, the new Andorra-La Seu d’Urgell Airport became a reality, as did the airline Air Andorra, which will soon be operating there.

Leisure and recreation

The array of leisure and recreation options is absolutely immense. Skiing, golf, hiking, cycling and mountain sports, as well as recreational and high-performance sports centres. Indeed, for those who enjoy physical activity, whether out in the middle of nature or indoors, Andorra’s supply is extensive and guaranteed to meet the expectations of even the most demanding sports lovers.


A matchless supply of accommodations (including both rental houses and properties for sale in Andorra) at highly competitive prices make Andorra an ideal place to live all year round, have a second home or simply enjoy a weekend getaway.

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