Schooling in Andorra – Part 1 of 2

The Andorran schooling systems have improved in variety, curriculum and teaching methods greatly over the last decades. The systems act as launching pads to prepare adolescent children to be accepted into Universities in France and Spain, which in both cases have very high standards of education and strict admittance requirements that emphasize the importance of organized scholarly practice. There are currently four different systems of education in Andorra which will be briefly described below:

The Spanish system – Self explanatory, in this system the curriculum is taught in the Spanish national tongue. Due to the large immigrant population, the Andorran Government saw it necessary to create Spanish Institutions so that children could be taught in their natural language, and not create further hurdles for migrant students. The curriculum is a direct transfer of the Spanish system, but as the local environment requires, there is an extra emphasis on the Catalan and French languages.

The French System – Historically this was regarded as the best educational system in the country and was implemented under the same grounds as the Spanish System. At the time of foundation, the French were considered to have one of the best educational systems in the world; hence it was inevitable, especially considering the countries ties to France and its French population, that the Andorran government would host a local French School (Lycee) within the countries boundaries. Of course under this system, classes are taught in French, but again there is a strong emphasis on Spanish and Catalan. Over the last decade English has become increasing popular in both schooling systems.

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