The benefits of living in Andorra – Education and leisure


  • Moving to Andorra with kids can have a plus point as we have three free schooling systems: Andorran, French and Spanish. As well as a private school which includes a bilingual English-Spanish choice, and which is in the process of including French as well.
  • Children learn Catalan, Spanish, French and English at school. Depending on their background and which school system they have the possibility of achieving fluency in all 3.
  • Sport is important – all kids have the option to learn how to ski among other sports options.
  • Free Catalan and French lessons for adults, many language academies and lots of keen language exchange partners.
  • Top class sport centres and other sporting infrastructure, Andorra is particularly good for high altitude training.
  • 7 Ski areas with over 300 Km of ski slops, for all kinds of snow sport enthusiasts plus ice driving and ice skating.
  • Summer activities: with impressive down hill mountain bike parks; tracks for hiking, biking and horse riding; golf courses…
  • Andorra holds several International sporting competitions a year, such as World Cups.
  • High end automobile culture with some great collections and visits from groups, such as the yearly visit of up to 130 Ferraris.

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