What is AGIA?


The College is a consolidated institution born to defend the real estate profession, oversee it’s good practice and to raise the profile of estate agents within our society.    As an organised body it is also dedicated to providing  a professional service and  assistance to it’s members on wider issues.  It defends the interests of all it’s members and is responsible for gathering  and processing ideas, proposals and suggestions to improve existing services and creating new ones and adapting to them according to demand.

The task of the College is to also represent in a regulated manner in front of the public institutions all those individuals who provide all types of real estate transaction services,  be they brokerage, consultancy or advisory.


Education and Services are the Pillar of our Institution

Since it’s founding in the year 2000, and before when it was an Association AGIA has worked to offer continued eduation and a growing number of services to it’s members which today number 229.

New technologies and infrastructures to be closer to the estate agent and closer to the public

In front of new times and with the advent of new technologies the College of Estate Agents and Property Managers of Andorra has put at the disposal of its members a series of tools, such as the web page, email, social media such as Facebook and Twitter amonst others, so that through the internet and from every office they can carry out a growing number of formalities and on-line consultations thus making working in the profession easier.

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