Why Andorra?


A small, historic and cosmopolitan country

A peace treaty signed in 1278 between the Count of Foix and the Bishop of Urgell gave rise to the curious institutional system of the Principality of Andorra. Since then, more than 700 years of peace and neutrality have characterized the history of this small Pyrenean country. Andorra passed its constitution in 1993 and is a member of the United Nations and the Council of Europe.
Despite being a country of only 468km2 and less than 70,000 inhabitants, there are more than 100 nationalities living in Andorra, making up an open and multicultural society, which is proud of its identity, its history, and its distinctive characteristics.

Reasons to invest in Andorra

The institutional continuity of more than 7 centuries has given Andorra a level of political stability and legal protection which are the cornerstones of a legal code which favours business.
The geographical location of Andorra, at the heart of the European Union and with progressive access to the common market, has led to the transformation of the country into the ideal location for developing business activities with high added value. In recent years, Andorra has opened up its economy to foreign investment and continues to work on aligning it with the rest of Europe, whilst also boosting its own competitive advantages.

Principal assets

  • High standard of living
  • High standard of public safety and low crime rate
  • Most important tourist destination in the Pyrenees
  • Dynamic and diverse business sector
  • Prosperous economy
  • New legal framework to open up to foreign investment
  • Competitive rates of tax
  • Solid international financial system
  • Easily accessible public administration, well-rated internationally
  • Innovative country and leader in the field of technology


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